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‘Karin Altmann gives brilliant, direct, inspiring noteswith an eye both to the writer’s true intent and the market. As a script consultant and writer myself, I am so grateful to have her as the go-to I trust most for notes on my own work.’

Wendall Thomas,

Writer and Script Consultant

‘It was Karin’s attention to the logic of our script, identifying and tightening the essential moments of the Jasper’s journey that helped push the story at crucial times. Her guidance in the development process was definitely key to having a story that worked. That’s how we got to the Oscars.’

Anthony Lucas,

Director and Animator,

Oscar® Nominee for

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello

‘Karin Altmann’s craft skills, cleverness and compassion make her the perfect person to work alongside. You may get tough love and rigour, but you’ll also get humanity, insight and joie-de-vivre. Developing her own and others’ projects is continuing to be immensely rewarding. Can’t wait to show you the results of our joint creativity on screens across the world!’

Tania Chambers,

Producer, and former Chief Executive, ScreenNSW and Screenwest,

Feisty Dame Productions

‘Karin brings a wealth of development experience to her script editing work and consulting in the cutting room. She has a razor sharp eye for sequences that develop character and story and she knows how to lace them together to create a coherent and emotionally engaging story. She is equally ruthless with sequences that stray from the primary story line. Her work with writer/director Nicole Ma on Putuparri and the Rainmakers was instrumental in the success of the finished film and most importantly Karin’s wicked sense of humour makes her a delight to work with.’

John Moore,


Putuparri and the Rainmakers

‘Your advice and support has helped me improve my understanding of creative writing in general… I’d like you to know that some of the explanations and tools you gave me have been an immense help. I really do appreciate the time you gave to me and the techniques for re-thinking storylines that you suggested and helped me understand…. I must say that Midnight Run will now forever remain a favourite film of mine. You were completely right about it!’

James Cocquillat,

Games Developer and Co-writer of Reign of Terror for Chaosium Inc.

‘If you are looking for insightful, passionate and honest script advice underpinned by strong craft skills and knowledge, you will be looking to work with Karin Altmann. Karin can identify and unlock the potential of both drama and documentary projects, and is able to articulate the problems and the solutions. Furthermore, she understands the parameters of the industry and the marketplace. She CAN advance your project.’

Lori Flekser,

Former Director of the Film Development Division,

Screen Australia

‘The Screen Hub Guide to Script Format by Michael Brindley – this is a great guide for anyone starting out on the script writing adventure. Simple clear instructions. Confidence building. Just great stuff. Get hold of a copy before you begin.’

Tarni James,

Renegade Films

‘John Hughes has an eye for picking talent and projects – in a successful combination – and he works collaboratively to achieve the best possible results for the film without compromising the intent of the filmmakers.’

Julia Overton,

Producer, former Investment Manager,

Screen Australia

‘I’m proud of what we’ve done and I want to say thank you for all your persistent and consistently expert editing, comments, advice and assistance and, of course, for your terrific episode 6…’

Email to Michael Brindley from Geoffrey Atherden,

Creator, Writer & Producer Grass Roots – two days before Series I went to air.

(Series I won 5 AFI Awards, including Best Drama and Best Script)

‘Karin Altmann is an astute and fair-minded project-assessor. She has cast her eagle eye over many projects for us and has helped us to develop a strong slate of projects. Karin is a straight shooter and speaks frankly, but it’s always with the right intention: her moral support is a powerful thing!’

Andrew Pike

Ronin Films