Everyone wants a script that works


scriptWorks will help identify problem areas at concept, pitch, bible, script, production or post-production stages, and make recommendations to avoid them.

We have worked on high-rating, critically acclaimed and award-winning shows. We are aware of television budgets and fast turnaround schedules, audience demographics, and the differences between television and film storytelling and aesthetics.

Our services on television projects include:

  • Concept & story troubleshooting – Fee by negotiation
  • Written report or face-to-face review of ‘bible’ and pilot script – $1,000
  • Script notes or reader reports on pre-production scripts – $500 per script

The central television drama issues we address are:

  • Audience hook and audience reward
  • Audience expectations of established television genres
  • The degree of distinction and difference of your project
  • The number of episodes the premise and concept will sustain
  • The character arcs, the A stories and serial strands, and
  • The feasibility of quality production within budget and schedule.

You may want our advice and assessment as a one-on-one consultation, or you may prefer written reports. You decide how you would like us to work with you.

Please send a synopsis of your project, and Karin Altmann will call you to discuss it.  We will tell you within three business days if we are able to assist. There is no fee for this first look. On the basis of $100 per hour (plus travel and per diems if required), we will then agree on the nature and extent of the task and negotiate a fee.